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Novel all-carbon nanomaterial assemblies: Carbon Nanotubes (Single Walled, Double Walled, Multi Walled), Fullerenes (Bucky Balls), and Graphene

Developers of Groundbreaking

All-Carbon Nano Materials & Platforms

Our highly-differentiated fabrication technology is the only process to

directly connect carbon nanomaterial (nanotubes, graphene, fullerenes) with covalent bonds, producing large, scalable all-carbon films, coatings,

and porous materials free from surfactants, binders, polymers, and resins. 


Enabling macroscopic design:
Customize Assemblies 
Linking a Variety of 

Chemical Covalent Bonding:

Significant Advantages of Our Technology

(over all current approaches)

  • ability to build infinitely large structures 

  • true 3D structures - build in all three dimensions

  • chemical bonds create mechanically stronger and more durable assemblies

  • precise control over porosity and surface area

  • chemically functionalizable scaffolds

  • complex designs - ability to covalently interconnect different carbon nanomaterials

  • all-carbon - free from surfactants, binders, polymers, and resins

  • economical fabrication process  (compared to all existing processes)

About Us

Millenial Materials is well positioned to expand the capabilities of its unique manufacturing technology, and create new multi-billion dollar markets.

  • A strong IP portfolio: the company has unique proprietary technology related to composition, methods of manufacturing and uses of our novel structures.  

  • Experienced executive team with deep domain knowledge and a proven track record of success.

Products and Services

Millenial Materials is working to bring our 2D & 3D all-carbon technology out of the prototype phase and into industries such as energy storage, filtration, healthcare and tissue engineering, 

and biomedical substrates. 


2D & 3D all-carbon nanomaterial assemblies  
  • Coatings on Metal Surfaces

  • A wide variety of nanomaterials:

    • Fullerenes

    • Carbon nanotubes
      (Single Walled, Double Walled, 
      and Multiwalled)

    • Graphene (Nanosheets and Nanoribbons)

  • Consulting

  • Assembly customization

  • Collaboration & partnership

  • Bulk Supply